Monday, January 11, 2016

Let's Wet Our Feathered Friend's Winter Whistle

I'm sure like me, the last thing you are asking yourself in the middle of a winter deep freeze is, "Hmmm...I wonder if there is fresh water in my backyard birdbath.?"  But, if you are a bird feeding enthusiast, open water is critical for birds when puddles and ponds freeze over.  Yes, birds are able to metabolically extract water from seed, but they should be using that energy to help keep themselves warm.
It's quite easy to keep a birdbath from freezing with a submersible electric warmer. Birds usually only bathe when temperatures are above 32°, this way they do not risk getting their feathers wet in the freezing weather.  Be sure to avoid larger heaters, that way you can keep the water unfrozen and not tempt a bird to bathe in the frigid temperatures.
Winter birdbaths can attract an array of birds such as, Cardinals, Cedar Waxwings Goldfinches, Evening Grosbeaks, Mourning Doves, Pine Siskins and Woodpeckers.  Whatever the season or the locale, birdbaths require routine maintenance by flushing out dirty water and scrubbing the basin.  So whatever the season, adding a birdbath to your feeding station is a great way to attract a multitude of birds to your yard.

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